Monday, July 21, 2008

Q & A: Would You Ever Eat Alone?

Nicole Ameduri, 30, opera singer
Yes but I hate to eat alone at a restaurant and I still have to do it when I'm away singing occasionally. I just feel like everyone is staring at me and watching me eat and I hate it. It is one of the things I hate the worst in the word. Also, people always approach me and hit on me when I’m alone.
Me: Do you have any stories from dining alone?
Ameduri: When I was in North Carolina, a local man approached me when I was eating alone and he was definitely not someone I would like to approach me. It’s like, they see a single girl sitting by herself and they think they can just approach you. I hate it.

Kat Ricker, 28, producer
Ricker: Part of the joy of dining out in the City is the ambiance, and unless I have someone to share that with, I just can't do it. I won't eat anything other than a croissant by myself, and I don't know why anyone would want to eat alone and stare off into space.
Me: Have you ever gone to a restaurant by yourself?
Ricker: No, never have, never will.

Jennvine Wong, 24, legal assistant
Wong: Depends where. For some reason at noodle houses like the da pai dongs in HK I have no problem.
Me: What is da pai dong?
Wong: Oh the street carts with street food mostly the noodle carts in Hong Kong. Or fast food restaurants or something like that. Like a cafe. But, I eat alone like for lunch not dinner.
Me: Why?
Wong: I don’t know. Dinner is like a social thing for me I guess. Lunch could be too but I don’t care too much at lunch. Dinner, I would rather go with someone.

David Kaufmann, 24, footage licensing coordinator for Major League Baseball
Kaufmann: I ate by myself when I was traveling all through Europe but I normally prefer to have dinner with someone else. In the City, I would only get a slice of pizza by myself.
Me: Would you ever go to a restaurant by yourself in New York?
Kaufmann: No, not a restaurant, just a slice of pizza. It’s so much easier just to get takeout if you want restaurant food here in the City.

Michael Waller, 26, musician
Waller: No because eating is a chore.I am diabetic so I have to eat the same food at the same time every single day. I eat because I have to. I really don't see any excitement in it.


nowmee said...

This is so damn interesting & a great blog. I wonder if you'll encounter anyone who will candidly talk about their fear of being alone, seeming alone, the rah-rah pressure of NYC social reasons for not wanting to venture into the world of solo fun. I guess no one wants to be labeled a social outcast. I btw used to love dining alone but after a long term relationship, I kinda forgot that it could be delightful. I'm following in your lead Candy.

Anonymous said...

yay candy!