Monday, July 21, 2008

Angry Boyfriend

I told Ryan I was going out to eat alone again tonight. His response: "Is this going to become a habit?" Maybe this blog idea is not the best one for someone in a relationship. Then again, I think single dining does not necessarily mean single person. After all, the point of this blog is to show that anyone can go out and enjoy a meal alone.

Meanwhile, I just saw this article on

25 top places for singles

Number 1 on their list was Hoboken, N.J. with 57.7% single in a population of 39,853. I don't hang out in Hoboken very often, but with some many singles living in one concentrated area, wouldn't you think there are some good places for single dining?


life said...

I guess it is good to try new things while you are in a relationship. I believe it teaches you to appreciate your partner more.

But I know what you mean.

I think it will be interesting if you engage your partner in this exercise by asking him, for instance, to dine out alone, and then talk about this experience. Or you dine with him in one of the restaurants to which you went alone. Then you talk about the different feelings you may get while you are with him.

Believe me he will be very happy to be part of a project of yours

blogtester said...

That's a great idea -- have Ryan eat out alone, too!