Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Totto Ramen

Just had an amazing lunch at Totto Ramen. This is definitely a great "Table For One" meal. I arrived right at 12 PM (that is when the open) and there was already a list of names on the sign up sheet. To my surprise, most were solo diners.

Here's what I ate:

Menu description: These straight homemade noodles are cooked al dente style in a whole chicken and premium soy sauce based soup topped with scallion, onion, char siu pork, and a nori.
My description: One of the best chicken noodle soups I've ever had. The broth was rich in flavor and the noodles were nice and chewy. There were large pieces of pork with a good amount of fat on them.

ka-Yaki イカのしょうが焼き $2/stick
Menu description: Skewered and torched squid with chef’s special ginger sauce & scallion
My description: eh, just okay. I felt like the squid was overcooked and was sitting out for too long. Why else would a "torched" item come out in less than 2 minutes after I ordered it?

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